Pink Blues

I have a confession to make. My facebook feed is filled with beautiful and glorious photos of cherry blossoms. Quite early this year thanks to climate change. But quite honestly, I have never been a great fan of sakura. I know, I know. It’s practically a harenchi to say something like that.

My favorite blossoms are the plum blossoms that normally bloom in nigatsu in Kyoto. They have a slight fragrance that is simply wonderful. And their shape is more pleasing to me. In my own neighborhood here in Massachusetts, I’m surrounded by apple trees. They traditionally bloom around Mother’s Day and are lovely.

When I lived in Tokyo, I lived along one of the nicer greenways that featured a line of sakura. And, yes, they were pretty when they bloomed, but when they fell to the ground they were slippery in the rain and just looked ugly. Though there are many shades of pink, to me most sakura simply look washed out and unattractive.

Then there are all the yopparai on the trains as they return from partying beneath the blossoms.

And the sakura seem to herald the beginning of arerugi season.

Flowers I like:

Those are the ones that come to mind this morning!

  • sakura – 桜 – cherry blossoms
  • harenchi – 破廉恥 – a disgrace
  • nigatsu – 二月 February
  • yopparai – 酔っ払い – drunkard
  • arerugī – アレルギー allergy. This is a hard one to say!
  • kakitsubata – 杜若 – iris
  • jinchōge – 沈丁花 – winter daphne. They smell like SweetTarts!
  • ajisai – 紫陽花 – hydrangea. They are an in-your-face type of flower, but the colors….!
  • fuji – 藤 -wisteria. So elegant!

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