The Ubiquitous Tea Cup

I’m lucky enough to have access to Japanese tv here in America. I never dreamed that would ever be possible. Not only do I have access to current programming, but I also have access to those cable stations that play old J-dorama from as far back as the 1960s.

It’s always a thrill to me when I see something I remember in a scene. And the mizutama yunomi is as natsukashii as it gets for me. I had them. Everywhere I went had them. The soba shops and teishokuya that I liked to eat at almost all used these cups.They were cheap and popular.

The polka dot parts are slightly indented so they are easy for anyone to hold. They were first manufactured in 1955 and became very popular in the mid 1960s when Japan was experiencing a period of rapid growth. In 2010 they received the “Good Design Long Life Design Award. And now they are being sold again as retoro and gaining favor once again, according to Ms. Google.

If you’re my age, I bet you’ve had more than one sip out of a teacup just like this.

  • J-doramā – JードラマーJapanese drama (tv programs)
  • mizutama – 水玉 polka-dotted
  • yunomi – 湯飲み teacup
  • natsukashii – 懐かしい nostalgic. This word gets a LOT of use in Japan.
  • teishokuya – 定食屋 the kind of old fashioned eatery that serves set meals usually with soup, rice, a main dish, pickles and a side dish. They often have daily specials.
  • retoro – レトロ retro

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